Smile Makeover Program

The Smile Makeover program for 2021 of RWC Implant Study Club to SAN MATEO COUNTY  Residents offering a complete mouth Rehabilitation to those in Need of Dental Care

Applications will be open for submittal November 24th, 2020 and have been extended through January 31st, 2021 to [email protected]
Submitted applications  are under review. We will notify the chosen candidates once selected. Thank you.  

Required Application Steps

(Applications received without the following information will be discarded)
1) Please write a 1-page essay on why you feel you or your nominee should be gifted the 2021 Smile Makeover. 
2) Please include 1-5 photographs of your nominee. (jpeg)
3) Fill out and submit the Smile Makeover Application
5) Please list a contact phone number, email address, and mailing address with your submission.
6) Please include in your email submittal subject line: SMILE MAKEOVER CANDIDATE APPLICATION 
7) Please indicate how you heard about the smile makeover program- (Ex: radio and station, newspaper name, ect) 
8) Submit all the above to [email protected] or mail the required application information to
 RWC Implant Study Club, C/O Smile Makeover, 20 Birch Street, Redwood City, CA 94062
 between November 16, 2020 - January 31st,  2021

Good Luck and Warm Regards,
RWC Implant Study Club & The Redwood City Implant Study Club 

DOWNLOAD application form. 


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