Smile Makeover Program

The Smile Makeover program of RWC Implant Study Club to SAN MATEO COUNTY  Residents offers a complete mouth Rehabilitation to those in Need of Dental Care

Applications will be open for submittal November and have been extended through January to
Submitted applications are under review. We will notify the chosen candidates once selected. Thank you.  

Required Application Steps

(Applications received without the following information will be discarded)
1) Please write a 1-page essay on why you feel you or your nominee should be gifted the Smile Makeover. 
2) Please include 1-5 photographs of your nominee. (jpeg)
3) Fill out and submit the Smile Makeover Application
5) Please list a contact phone number, email address, and mailing address with your submission.
6) Please include in your email submittal subject line: SMILE MAKEOVER CANDIDATE APPLICATION 
7) Please indicate how you heard about the smile makeover program- (Ex: radio and station, newspaper name, ect) 
8) Submit all the above to or mail the required application information to
 RWC Implant Study Club, C/O Smile Makeover, 20 Birch Street, Redwood City, CA 94062
 between November-January.
Good Luck and Warm Regards,
RWC Implant Study Club & The Redwood City Implant Study Club 
DOWNLOAD application form. 

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